Basketball Care Pack

Basketball Care Pack

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Product Information

When you have purchased your basketball it is easy to forget the basics and lubricate the needle before inflating. This is a critical point in caring for your ball and this basketball care pack has all you need to ensure your ball has the best start.

Whenever you inflate your basketballs, always use glycerine to lubricate the needle, to ensure the valve does not get damaged and check the psi of the ball to ensure it is inflated to the correct level.

This pack includes the following
1 x Glycerine lubrication
6 x Standard needle
1 x Thin needle
1 x Ball pressure gauge with air release valve

Why Buy?

This is a must buy to ensure you extend the life of you basketballs and do not damage the valve when inflating

Use the glycerine to lubricate the needles and the pressure gauge to ensure the correct PSI is reached

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Glycerine needle Lubrication
  • 1 x Thin needle adaptor
  • 6 x Standard needle adaptors
  • 1 x Ball pressure gauge with quick air release valve

Technical Specifications

  • Use the Glycerine on all types of balls
  • Always check the PSI after inflating the ball and adjust to suit


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