Bee-Ball Champion Basketball Net

Bee-Ball Champion Basketball Stand

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Product Information

The Bee-Ball Champion Basketball unit is the newest addition to our Bee-Ball range, and combines features from our most popular units. The Champion is designed with the Bee-Ball Ultimate backboard and the Bee-Ball Pro Bound stand, offering an ideal starter unit for juniors or adults while providing a very high performance level.

The adjustable height mechanism allows for the height level to be adapted easily and quickly, while the high quality backboard offers a great rebound quality and long-lasting durability. The easily adjustable stand is ideal for young players who wish to start playing basketball and develop their skills at a suitable height while being able to adapt the height when they're ready for more advanced play.

The Bee-Ball Champion basketball stand is perfect for family use with the strength of the unit catering to stronger players, and the extensive height range accomodating younger players. The smart yet subtle appearance of the Champion unit furthers this suitability for family use and sits neatly and compactly in the garden.

Why Buy?

Suitable for children & adults, Extends to official NBA full height

Offers impressive performance & durability, Features strengthened PVC with PE frame

What's in the Box

  • Backboard, Rim & Net
  • Pole & base with wheels
  • Fixings
  • Instructions

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustable Height: 2.3m - 3.05m
  • Weight (including packaging): 33kg
  • Backboard size: 110cm x 70cm (43 x 27 inches)
  • Rim Diameter: 45cm (17.5 inches)
  • Base: Base can be filled with water/sand
  • Backboard Material: Strengthened PVC & PE frame
  • Tube Material: 6.6cm Round Steel Tube
  • Fits Size 7 Basketballs
  • Adjustable height system with grip handle
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • Weight (excluding packaging): 29kg
  • No. of boxes: 1


  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


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