Bee-Ball ZY-024 Height Adjustable Acrylic Backboard with Breakaway Ring

Bee-Ball ZY-024 Height Adjustable Acrylic Backboard with Breakaway Ring

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Product Information

This amazing basketball system is designed by Bee Ball, a reputable basketball manufacturer. It cleverly combines the functionality of a basketball stand and a standalone backboard system by being one of the first height adjustable backboard units to hit the UK market. The basketball ring height can be adjusted by 90cm (almost 3 feet) to accommodate a wide range of ages and skill abilities. Simply adjust the height of the hoop by using the winding handle underneath the backboard. The full height adjustment can take as little as a minute so there is no need to pause your game for long when changing heights for different users.

The Bee Ball ZY-024 features an Acrylic backboard for a very competitive game. You will notice the more responsive feel of the Acrylic backboard when playing rebound shots from the backboard into the hoop.

As if the heavy duty design and height adjustment system wasn't enough, this impressive system comes with a heavy duty breakaway rim. The rim is designed to reduce the pressure on the player's wrists and the backboard itself. This avoids injury to the player and prevents damage to the backboard.

Why Buy?

Most backboards will need to be remounted to a different height as the player grows older or their skill ability changes. This clever unit allows you to adjust the height of the ring without needing to get the drill out; simply wind the handle to adjust the hoop to the desired height and the system is ready to use. What's more, it features a Breakaway Rim, Acrylic Backboard and net. Play like a pro' today with this basketball system from Bee Ball.

What's in the Box

  • Acrylic Backboard on a Steel Frame
  • Breakaway solid ring for professional shots
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Wall Plug Bolts
  • Height Adjustment System
  • Heavy Duty Net

Technical Specifications

  • Backboard Dimensions: 136cm x 81cm
  • Backboard Thickness: 3.5cm Steel Frame with an Acrylic Backboard
  • Basketball Hoop Diameter: 45cm (17.5 inches)
  • Solid Breakaway Ring for Serious Basketball Players
  • Product Weight: 42 Kg
  • Height Adjustable by 90cm using crank handle
  • Heavy Duty Net
  • Backboard Extends up to 65cm From Wall


  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


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