Bee-Ball ZY-020 Backboard and Flex Ring

Bee-Ball ZY-020 Backboard and Flex Ring

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Product Information

The Bee-Ball ZY-020 Backboard and Flex Ring is a stylish high-end basketball backboard with a an official full size backboard and flex ring, making this basketball set suitable for you budding basketball players and pro's alike.

You can choose to mount the basketball backboard and hoop at a height that suits your needs and then change this as your requirements change. The clear backboard and flex ring feels and looks like a pro unit, offering a brilliant rebound quality and encourages high precision, making you really feel as if you are playing along with the pro's.

The Bee-Ball ZY-020 Backboard and Flex Ring can be mounted onto any surface and is designed with high quality components, making this unit very convenient for all types of gardens and outdoor spaces, while offering longevity and portability for long-term basketball enjoyment!

Why Buy?

Suitable for players of all ages, Can be mounted at any height depending on the player's preference

Features Flex Ring for fantastic performance & advanced play, Perfect for wide spectrum of skill levels

What's in the Box

  • Basketball backboard, ring & net
  • Screws to fix ring to backboard
  • Instructions
  • Please Note: Fixings to attach unit to wall are not included as the required fixings will depend on your chosen surface. Please visit your local DIY store for suitable fixings.

Technical Specifications

  • Backboard size: 110 x 75 x 4 (43 x 29")
  • Rim Diameter: 45cm (17.5 inches)
  • Backboard Material: Polypropylene
  • Fits Size 7 Basketballs
  • Weight (excluding packaging): 10kg
  • Weight (including packaging): 12kg
  • No. of boxes: 1
  • Box Dimensions: 112 x 15.5 x 78cm
  • Backboard Extends 30cm From Wall


  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


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