Basketball Buying Guide

Buying Guide

When it comes down to buying Basketball Equipment there is a large range of products. The important thing to remember is whether you are looking for children's equipment or professional equipment. Use the index below to find your perfect basketball product

1. Age Range
2. Price Range
3. Product Comparison

Age Range

Choosing Your Basketball

When choosing your perfect basketball, there are many sizes for different age groups. For a young child of 11 and below the size to use would be a size 5 ball. This is the perfect size for them to fit their small hands around and a perfect weight for them to control. But when it comes to a teenager buying a basketball you would go for a size 6. This is the usual basketball size for teenagers and is a fine size and weight for recreational and club use. If you are buying a basketball for professional use or for a team, the size would be a size 7 ball. This is the legal NBA Official Game Ball size and weighs 22 oz

Age Range



11 and bellow

27.75" (size 5)

18 oz


28.5" (size 6)

20 oz


29.5" (size 7),

22 oz

Choosing the Correct Basketball Stand or Net

When choosing your Basketball Nets or stands, size is incredibly crucial. As most basketball stands these days are adjustable, you need to know what size to leave your stand at. For a toddler or youth a good hoop and size to get would be the NBA Golden Pro Basketball Stand. The height of this is adjustable from 120 to 180 cm and these would be perfect sizes for a toddler or youth. When choosing your stand for a teenager or young adolescent a good stand would be the Sure Shot Hotshot Basketball stand. This is adjustable from a height of 120cm to 240 cm and this hoop could be used at low height and medium height - perfect for a teenager aged 12-15. Moving onto adults, things get much more expensive and the height dramatically changes. If you are willing to get a perfect hoop which could be used in clubs or at high end events a good hoop to choose would be "The Beast" Spalding Basketball Net which has an adjustable height of 7.5ft to 10ft.

Age Range


11 and bellow

120 to 180 cm


120cm to 240 cm


7.5ft to 10ft.

Price Range

Basketball Price Ranges

When buying a basketball, price all comes down to what you will be using the basketball for and where you will be using it. If you are going to be using a basketball for recreational use for a bit of fun, a good ball to choose would be the Baden High Value Basketball. This is a low end basketball but for the price the quality is outstanding. It costs as little as £4.99 and comes in an attractive red, tan and blue colouring and is available in sizes 7 to 5. This ball can also be used for indoor and outdoor use. If you are looking for a ball that is going to be used in your local club or in school activity a good choice would be the Baden Equaliser. For as little as £12.99 you are getting a synthetic basketball approved by the England basketball team and basketball Scotland. It has an all surface composite cover allowing it to be used indoors as well as out. This ball also features Baden's latest Ultra grip technology and is available in Official Women's and Junior Sizes. If you are looking to buy a ball for professional or match use, there are 2 good balls to choose. I will start with the cheapest it is the Baden Lexum Comp Match ball and this will put you back £36.99 but for this price you will be getting a High Quality Match basketball with a CCTTM Carcass and a 2 ply butyl bladder two tone microfiber cover. This ball is perfectly balanced for true bounce and flight and features perfection Design incorporating stealth soft value, cushion control technology, symmetrical design and balanced panel widths. This basketball is also approved by the England basketball team and basketball Scotland. The second match ball of choice would be the Elite Match ball. This basketball costs £43.99 and for this price you are getting an Elite size 7 official basketball which is a top of the range ball and has a CCTM Carcass and 2 ply butyl Bladder and has the Baden perfection Design. It features the Cushion Control Technology and Uses Baden's Stealth Soft Valve System for a Better Bounce Off The Valve Panel. It has an Advanced Breathable Micro Fibre Cover and is delivered inflated. This ball is also approved by the England basketball team and Basketball Scotland. If you are choosing a ball for a toddler just learning to play or for coaching a good ball is the Baden Smart Ball. This ball costs £29.99 but for this price the ball does it all. It teaches the child how to place his/her hands and show them exactly how to throw the ball and where to throw it.

Basketball Stand Price Ranges

When choosing a basketball stand there is also much to remember. A normal hoop for recreational or home use would cost around £40 - £70, however if you are looking for a high end home use basketball stand it could cost around £70- £150. Normally these hoops are adjustable in size for all age groups. If you are looking for a hoop for club or school use, these could get quite pricey. If you are a school or leisure centre and want specialist equipment a good stand to use would be the Sure Shot Micro Shot. This costs around £2,755 and although this looks pricey if you are a school or leisure centre this stand would be perfect as it can fold up into a small space is easily moveable. If you are a league or club and want a stand for professional match use a good stand to use would be the Sure Shot Mac shot. This is extremely pricey as it costs £7,399 but for the price you get a professional match basketball stand used by the England basketball team.

Product Comparison

Basketballs have a lot to offer. When it comes down to weight, grip and control, each basketball has a unique feel and acts differently to the other. All basketballs have different qualities, as shown in the diagrams below.

Baden Uses Stealth technology on their balls. This means that everything is tucked in just perfectly and everything is just right.

Baden Also Use Symmetrical Balanced Balls unlike most other Basketball on the market

They Also Use Micro Fibre Covers

and most of their balls use the unique Perfection technology

Top of the Range Cushioning

We hope that this guide has helped you out in making the right choice in your basketball. So now you know the facts go check out our online store and we will have everything you need to start or continue your basketball skills.

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