Collapsible Cones

Collapsible Cones

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Product Information

This 9" collapsible marker cone is superb for developing and improving sports players' speed and agility, encouraging precise skills in a variety of sports. Marker cones allow the players or coaches to mark out certain areas for training exercises and drills, helping the players to develop physical and mental awareness of specific spaces and rules.

These Cones collapse under pressure as a result of splits on the side of each cone, making them safe as well as extremely durable. The splits also allow them to immediately pop back into shape.

The marker cones are also very versatile, allowing players and coaches to use them wherever and however they wish, while also inspiring fun and challenging games for the players.

Why Buy?

Cones collapse under pressure for safety during training, Split sides allow them to collapse & instantly pop back into shape, Features orange colour design for high visibility, Develops & improves players' agility

What's in the Box

  • 1 x 9" collapsible training cone

Technical Specifications

  • Split sides for collapsible nature
  • Strong & durable plastic
  • Size: 9"


  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


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