Lusum Set of 50 Space Marker Cones

Lusum Set of 50 Space Marker Cones

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Product Information

This is a great value set of 50 space marker cones from Lusum, which are ideal for marking court space indoors and out. The cones are durable and flexible to avoid being a tripping hazard. Each set contains 5 x 10 cones in 5 different colours.

The set also includes a cone stand and a mesh bag to store them in.

Why Buy?

Great value set of cones

Durable and flexible for marking out court space or for drills

What's in the Box

  • 50 Space marker cones in 5 different colours - 10 of each colour
  • 1 x Cone stand
  • 1 x Mesh storage bag

Technical Specifications

  • The Lusum Cones measure 180mm diameter and have a rise of 50mm


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