Mitre Flat Space Markers Set of 20

Mitre Flat Space Markers Set of 20

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Product Information

If you are looking to mark an area on court or to place player position markers, then the Mitre flat round space markers would be ideal. This set contains 20 discs in 4 different colours ( 5 markers per colour).

The discs are non slip and measure 20cm diameter. One side is smooth and the other side has a dimple effect to reduce any chance of slipping. A new feature is the hole in the centre which ensures the disc is more flexible and sits better on uneven surfaces. They are also easier to pick up after use.

Why Buy?

These markers are great for laying on court to show players where you would like them to stand when practicing drills or game situations

Can also be used to mark zonal areas if working on defence and attack drills

What's in the Box

  • Contains 20 non slip round marker discs
  • 4 colours - 5 discs per colour

Technical Specifications

  • Each marker disc measures 20cm and has a hole in the centre to allow it to sit on uneven surfaces


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