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Basketball Pole Pads

A Basketball Pole Pad is a great way of protecting your children from the hard metal of the basketball stand. If you are using a non-professional basketball stand, the pole will usually be made of metal and occasionally when children get into a game (especially the more competitive children out there) you may find they will sometimes fall into the metal pole that holds the basketball backboard up.

The basketball pole pads will also protect the pole from scratches and wear and tear where the ball or other object may come into contact with it. Purchasing a basketball pole pad is relatively inexpensive, and will give you the peace of mind you may need if your children are especially boystrous around their basketball stand.

Basketball Pole Pads - Great for Health & Safety

Health and safety regulations in schools in particular, are becoming stricter and adding a pole protector or basketball pole pad around the basketball stand can be a great way of imrpoving your adherance to health and safety rules.

Having a pole pad is not a necessity, but can be extremely useful if the basketball players do happen to fall into the pole, as the pole pad will protect them from the hard metal beneath the padding.

Basketball Pole Pads - Brighten Up Your Stand

Another reason for a pole pad is simple aesthetics - the pole pads bring a little more colour to an otherwise plain basketball stand. Adding a basketball pole pad can be a great way of brightening up your basketball stand. Your stand may have had a fair amiount of use and could be looking a little tired, so adding a pole pad could be a great way to bring some life back to your basketball stand.

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