Precision Training Hand Pump

Precision Training Hand Pump

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Product Information

The Precision Training Hand Pump is perfect for those quick injections of air before a match or training session. The small and compact size allows the hand pump to be transported easily and conveniently in a kit bag, and ready to use whenever it is required.

The Precision Training Hand Pump is ideal for use as a basketball pump, allowing any basketball player to quickly inflate their basketballs before a game. The basketball pump features an easy grip handle for very quick and efficient action, and feels smooth and easy to use.

This hand pump is ideal for individual use at home and during training sessions, particularly where frequent travelling between home and training is necessary, offering a lightweight and compact pump for everyday use.

Why Buy?

Small & efficient universal hand pump, Includes needle adapter, Compact size is transportable & can fit into kit bag, Quickly inflates sports balls, Features easy grip handle for quick action

What's in the Box

  • Precision Training Hand Pump
  • Needle Adapter

Technical Specifications

  • Standard needle adapter allows pump to be versatile
  • Hand pump action with easy grip handle allows for quick inflation
  • Small size suitable for quick air injection before matches


  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


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